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Woman's Online Rant About Clingy In-Laws Going Viral

A woman has taken to an online parenting forum to vent her frustrations over her clingy mother-in-law. 

She claims her partner's mother often lets herself into their house to clean everything - including the couple's underwear. 

The mother-in-law lives in the house immediately next door and will regularly show up unannounced, saying "only me again."

"Sometimes if I was on my own it would make me jump and put me on edge," the post read.

The mother offered to clean and tidy the house for a small fee, which the woman initially agreed to, but has since put a stop to it after her mother-in-law's behavior became intrusive and inappropriate. 


"She would do our washing even when she was asked not to," she wrote.

"She changed our bed. She put my underwear away in my drawers. She’d walk in when we were winding down in the evening with a pile of our washing all ironed.”


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