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ACCC Reveals Retailer Selling Most Expensive Petrol In Oz

If you often drive around looking for the best deal on petrol, it seems you should be avoiding Coles petrol stations after reports by the Australian consumer watchdog has found that they’re more likely to rip us off than any other retailer.

The report comes after Treasurer Scott Morrison for a report on industry pricing to be made by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

In some cases, the ACCC’s findings have shown that Coles is sometimes charging up to nine cents more than independent retailers in capital cities. They also charged on average four cents more per litre than Woolworths.

The survey was performed across five capital cities and the ACCC have said that they’re taken aback by the findings.

“I was surprised that Coles and BP would be that much high prices than Woolworths, 7-Elevn and Unites,” said Chairman Rod Sims to News Corp. “Those differences are huge - we are talking up to 9c/L.”

Since the findings have been released, Coles has defended their pricing regime saying that Coles customers often receive discounts on their petrol.

“In addition to the 4c-per-litre discount voucher received when spending at least $30 in Coles supermarkets, customers can save 10c per litre by spending a minimum $20 in Coles Express stores,” said a spokesperson.

“The discounts can be used separately or combined to save a total of 14 per litre.” In Sydney, Speedway outlets have been recorded as the cheapest petrol retailers but the ACC have said that motorists should always shop around.

“Adjusting buying habits can save motorists a lot of money,” said Mr Sims.

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