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Adventure World to sue fireworks company over castle fire

Adventure World is suing a fireworks company after fire caused $1 million damage to the fun park’s landmark castle three years ago.

The fire broke out during Adventure World’s 'Fright Night' Halloween celebration on November 2, 2013, causing guests to be evacuated and the destruction of the fibreglass castle.

At the time, investigators blamed the fireworks and now the park is suing Cardile International Fireworks Pty Ltd for damages.

In a writ lodged with the WA Supreme Court, the theme park’s solicitors claim the company breached its guarantee to supply the fireworks with due skill and care, as well as a breach of contract.

Adventure World is seeking damages with interest of six per cent per annum and court costs.

In August 2014, Adventure World announced "with a heavy heart" it was demolishing the castle due to the extensive fire damage.

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