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Passenger Forced To Sit In Poop-Covered Seat Or Miss Flight

An airline passenger in the US was told that he could either sit in a literal shitty seat or be left behind.

Delta Air Lines passenger Matthew Meehan had boarded a flight from Atlanta to Miami on November 1 when he noticed a really bad smell.

He said that upon sitting in his seat, he and the passenger next to him quickly discovered they had sat in faeces. It was also on the floor.

They both took off to the front of the plane to alert the crew, who gave them some paper towels and a mini bottle of gin - not to drink - but to wipe it off.

“I have no idea why I wasn’t offered something from the biohazard kit to clean myself up with. Instead, I was handed two paper towels and one of those miniature bottles of Bombay Sapphire, a bottle of gin to clean myself with,” Meehan said.

After emerging from the toilet, he was told by a manager that his seat would not be disinfected.

“She said, ‘If the cleaning crew didn’t do their job, that’s not my problem,” Meehan told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“So, I said, ‘Can we get that cleaned up so I can sit down?’ [and] she says, ‘Sir, it’s almost time for that plane to leave. You can sit in your seat or you can be left behind.’”

Meehan said he had to step back for a moment to keep his composure as he “did not want to be one of these people you see on the news getting kicked off a plane. Meanwhile, I’m covered in faeces.”

He said he was forced to remain seated and place a blanket over the mess for the entire two-hour flight.

Delta Air Lines has since released the following statement:

On Nov. 1, an aircraft operating flight 1949 from Atlanta to Miami was boarded before cleaning was completed following an incident from a previous flight with an ill service animal. Delta apologises to customers impacted by the incident and has reached out to make it right, offering a refund and additional compensation. The safety and health of our customers and employees is our top priority, and we are conducting a full investigation while following up with the right teams to prevent this from happening again. Upon landing in Miami, the aircraft was taken out of service to be deep cleaned and disinfected.”

Meehan said he was offered a refund, but he wanted the incident to force the carrier to look at its policies. He also said he had been contacted by a string of lawyers, wanting to pick up the case.

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