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Aldi Xmas Ad Gets Complaints For Being 'Highly Offensive'

Aldi Australia has received a series of complaints about their ‘Meet the Tinkletons’ Christmas advertisement, with some saying that the ad perpetuates gay stereotypes.

If you watched television over the Christmas break in Australia, it's highly likely you've seen the ad many times! (click on the video below if you haven't set your eyes on it yet).

ALDI Australia's ‘Meet the Tinkletons’ Ad Received A High Level Of Complaints

In the ad a carol-singing, Christmas sweater wearing American family rock up at an Australian home. The ad shows the American family struggling at to adapt to the idea of an 'Oz Christmas'. Eventually, the family are won over by the Aussie way.

The Advertising Standards Bureau received complaints about one ‘camp’ male character in the ad with stereotypical mannerisms, who sees a man sunbathing and exclaims: “You don’t wear that at Christmas!” before visibly swooning.


I was personally offended by the content of the ad, specifically the depiction of the overly camp acting moustachioed man." complained on viewer.

Everyone expresses themselves differently and every Australian deserves a fair go, so I really expect advertising agencies to treat my minority group with the same sensitivities they would with any other. I firmly believe this ad used the depiction of a group that is still a minority and at times marginalised as a tool of satire… I am concerned that the only time an identifiably gay individual is shown in popular Australian advertisements is when it is satirical.”

Aldi has since responded, saying that according to the script, the man with the moustache “is playing the husband of the mother of three children” and is therefore not an “identifiably gay figure.”

The ASB have now dismissed the complaint, saying Aldi have not broken any of the industry's codes of practice.

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