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Perth Dad Guilty Of Murdering His Baby

A Perth man has been found guilty of murdering his six-month-old daughter by shaking her and throwing her onto the floor.

McDonald's manager Nicole Martin had been tag-teaming care of Isabella Sully Jean Martin with her baker husband Arron Colin Martin for less than two months in November 2017 when their child died from injuries he inflicted after returning to their Brookdale house from an early morning shift.

Martin, 37, told his Supreme Court of Western Australia trial this week he "just snapped" because he was sleep-deprived and the baby wouldn't settle.


The court heard he hurled the infant from a height of almost two metres, saw her head start to swell and she was still breathing but he did not call for help.

Instead, he picked her up, put her in her cot and left the room.

He twice tried to end his own life at the house before turning himself in to police.

His 35-year-old wife of four years testified she had said "hi and bye" to her spouse before leaving for her day shift, and the infant might have been "a bit grizzly" with a stuffy nose as she was recovering from a cold, but wasn't particularly unsettled.

Defence counsel John Rando said the couple loved the child but with their work schedules, "something was bound to happen."

Mr Rando told the jury his client did not intend to kill his baby and they could find he committed the lesser charge of manslaughter, but Martin was convicted of murder on Wednesday.


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