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Aussies 'Disgusted' By Barnaby's $150,000 Tell All Interview

Cabinet minister Kelly O'Dwyer believes most Australians are "pretty disgusted" by Barnaby Joyce's decision to pocket $150,000 for a tell-all interview about his new family with a former staffer.

Ms O'Dwyer said she did not think serving politicians should ever put a price on being accountable to the public, and said Mr Joyce had made a mistake.

"Ultimately it's a matter for him and his judgement. I personally wouldn't do it, I don't think it's right, and I think most Australians are pretty disgusted by it," she told ABC radio.

The upcoming interview has prompted calls for a ban on serving politicians receiving cash for media comment.


Nationals frontbencher Darren Chester, who was dumped by Mr Joyce from cabinet in December, intends to discuss the proposed ban with colleagues at the next partyroom meeting.

"This is unprecedented in my time in parliament and I'm open to the conversation about banning MPs from benefiting personally from selling stories to the media," Mr Chester told The Daily Telegraph.

"We need to have a closer look at it."

The minister acknowledged the circumstances were complex given Mr Joyce's partner Vikki Campion was part of the story and entitled to seek payment as a private citizen.

However, Mr Chester said the former deputy prime minister could no longer complain about a breach of privacy after agreeing to the paid interview.

The couple has sold their story, which includes the birth of a son, to Channel Seven's Sunday Night program.


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