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Australia's Deadliest Animal Has Been Revealed

Australia's deadliest animal has been revealed, and it's absolutely not the one you're thinking of.

Forget red belly black snakes, funnelweb spiders and great white sharks; nope, Australia's most dangerous creature is none other than the bee.


No, not that bee. A honey bee.


After analysing more than a decade's worth of Australian bites and stings, the University of Melbourne published their findings in the Internal Medicine Journal this week, revealing the somewhat surprising news that bees and wasps were responsible for a whopping 33 per cent of hospital admissions.

Spider bites came a close second, with 30 per cent, with snake bites bringing up the rear with a pretty low 15 per cent. 

According to the study, 64 people have died as a direct result of a venomous bite or sting; 27 from bees and wasps and 27 from snake bites, with tick bites, ant bites and box jellyfish stings making up the difference.

It's always the quiet ones.

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