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Back to the future as WA schools get free milk

Many of those who grew up in the 1950s and 60s would remember slurping down milk delivered to their school.

Especially prolific are the stories of being made to drink it after crates had been sitting in the sun in the summer months.

History is repeating for more than 100 WA primary schools during Term 3 as Brownes Dairy celebrates their 130th anniversary.

Baldivis Primary School deputy principal Lilian Robbshaw told WAtoday the Brownes Dairy Milk Mornings program has hit a nostalgic note for many in the school’s community.

"A lot of the teachers have said, 'oh, I used to have that at school’," she said.

"The teachers remember the cream particularly on top of the milk in the little jars, but we're getting Hi-Lo now.

"We also have a lot of farming children at the school so it links in really well with Baldivis."

Brownes said it would consider expanding the program past Term 3. 

Just in time for summer.

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