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Barnaby Calls PM Comments: 'Inept, Damaging'

Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce has dug in his heels to keep his role as head of the Nationals, and also let fly at Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in a passionate press conference on the steps of Parliament House.

After apologizing to his estranged wife and children, Joyce then went on to attack the media in regards to the tsunami of coverage that his controversial affair with his former media adviser Vikki Campion has created.

He also described Prime Minister Turnbull's announcement to rewrite the ministerial code in regards to ministers conducting relationships with staff as both 'Inept' and 'Damaging' 

"It is the prime minister's code, we will support it, and we will do our best endeavours to see it through. It goes without saying that this will create immense fodder for the good people in the media and it will obviously reverberate across all political parties," Mr Joyce said.

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