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Big Bash Streakers Face $5500 Fines

A pair of streakers who interrupted a Big Bash League match at the Sydney Cricket Ground are facing fines of up to $5500 after being charged over the nudie run.


The fleet-footed men, aged 23 and 27, managed to dodge several security guards as they ran in opposite directions on to the field midway through the Sydney Sixers vs. Sydney Thunder derby on Saturday night.

One of the tattooed pair even managed to pull a stump out of the ground before they were apprehended in front of the near-40,000 strong crowd at the SCG.

The men were both issued court attendance notices over the offence and are due to appear in Waverley Local Court on March 1.

Further charges may be laid at court, police said.


Meanwhile at nearby Allianz Stadium, 11 unruly and drunk fans were also thrown out from the Sydney FC and Western Wanderers game on Saturday night, while one man was served with an infringement notice for burning a flag.

While most people were well-behaved at both events, Acting Assistant Commissioner Peter Thurtell said he was extremely disappointed with the two streakers.

"While some people find this behaviour entertaining, it is unacceptable at sporting events, especially those aimed at attracting families," he said.

"A warning for anyone else who may consider their actions to be comical - if you unlawfully enter the field of play you face an automatic ban and $5500 in fines".


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