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Brisbane School Sends 100 Students To Detention Over Shoes

More than 100 students were reportedly been sent to detention at a Brisbane high school for wearing the wrong uniform.

Last week, parents from The Gap State High School vented on social media about a new rule which would see their children get detention for having the wrong heel on their school shoes.  

The rule had resulted in 103 students getting detention.

Queensland Education Minister Grace Grace is backing the detentions and told the ABC that "she fully supported the school's effort to enforce the uniform policy

According to one mother, Karen Bishop, who vented her frustrations on Facebook, the students "are required to wear black leather lace up school shoes, which have a heel, no greater than 20mm no lower than 5mm".

"The shoes must protect the upper side of the student’s foot and have a leather upper. Slip-on, Mary-Jane, slipper style, Vans or Dr Marten style boots/shoes are NOT accepted. Proper arch support is required," she added.


(Image: Courtesy of ABC from The Gap State High School Newsletter)

Karen had bought a pair of Vans for her daughter and was furious that she was unable to wear them.

Speaking to the ABC, one parent said that some senior students who were sitting practice exams were called out of the classroom and given lunchtime detention.


(Image: Courtesy of ABC//Karen Bishop Facebook page)

“I just got a text from my daughter, there are 460 kids in a line from the office all the way down to the front gate,” one mother told the ABC.

Not only were they given detention, but one child from the school said they missed 45 minutes of class due to the rule.

He reportedly posted a video to Facebook showing the chaos this new rule had caused and was then suspended for three days for "trying to alert the public".

According to the ABC, The Gap State High School declined to comment.


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