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Company Cops Fine For Perth Freeway Acid Spill

A transport company has been fined $14,000 over a sulphuric acid spill on a Perth freeway.

BBBM, trading as Growers Agrishop, was charged with two offences after the spill on the Kwinana Freeway in March last year.

The charges related to using an expired storage container for transporting the acid, and not ensuring the employee involved was competent in loading and restraining dangerous goods.

The offences were uncovered during the investigation and it is not alleged they directly caused the spill.

"The incident is useful to set out the context of the offences and the potential harm that can result from transporting dangerous goods," Dangerous Goods and Petroleum Safety director Ross Stidolph said.

"All those involved in transporting dangerous goods need to be aware of the higher standards required to ensure that inherently dangerous substances are contained."

The company was fined in Armadale Magistrates Court, and its cooperation with investigators and early guilty pleas were taken into account.


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