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Could This FINALLY Stop The Offensive Campervan Slogans?

The Queensland government has taken aim at companies that hire out campervans emblazoned with offensive slogans by threatening to cancel their regos.

Changes introduced to state parliament this week are aimed at ending what Roads Minister Mark Bailey has called demeaning and very public attacks on women.

Hire companies that are directed by the Advertising Standards Board to remove a sexist, obscene or offensive slogan from one of their vehicles will have two weeks to comply, or its registration will be cancelled.

Qld premier Annastacia Palaszczuk had previously encouraged people to boycott the campervans.

"It is unacceptable to have those vile slogans on those vans," Ms Palaszczuk said at the time.

She also called Wicked to censor itself, particularly by removing slogans that degrade women.

It is unclear whether other states and territories, including WA, will follow suit.


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