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Council Slugs Perth Mum $2000 For Street Lights

There’s always that sharp little inhale of breath when opening bills, but for one Perth woman, this was next level.

Hayley Hamilton said she was in disbelief when she opened a $2000 bill from her local council - for her streetlights.

The council also said the bill was to be paid within a week.

Ms Hamilton told the Stirling Times that she and other residents who were building or redeveloping on Brodie Lane in Doubleview had received bills to pay for their own streetlights.

“My initial reaction was disbelief… I couldn’t understand why I had to pay for my own street light,” she said.

“Basic infrastructure is not a resident’s responsibility and it was a difficult time for us financially, so we couldn’t afford to pay for it.”

She added that if the bill wasn’t settled within the week, construction could not begin and a caveat would be placed on her home and land by the City of Stirling.

Stirling engineering and design manager Paul Giamov said the lighting contribution was a condition of the development approval under the City’s laneway upgrades contribution plan.

Ms Hamilton said she understood the lights in their laneway would not be installed until 2021.

“It’s so unfair that young families who are struggling to get by are paying thousands of dollars to the council.”

Stirling Times

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