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Couple Successfully Sue Makers Of Weed Killer For $2.9B

An American couple has successfully sued a weed killing company for $2.9 billion after they developed cancer from using for more than three decades.

The New York Post reports that the verdict is now the third legal defeat in a row for Monsanto, the owners or RoundUp weed killer.

Alva and Alberta Pilliod, of Livermore, were both diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma following years of weed killer use, their lawyers say.

In their suit, they accused Monsanto of “fraudulently representing that Roundup is safe despite scientific evidence linking exposure to NHL.”

A jury in San Francisco Superior Court found the company liable after a seven-week trial, saying  its active ingredient, glyphosate, as the underlying cause of the cancer.

 “They were given an incredibly difficult task having to analyse the highly-complex scientific issues in this case,” said co-lead trial counsel R. Brent Wisner, of Baum Hedlund Law, in a statement after the verdict.

“The jury saw for themselves internal company documents demonstrating that, from day one, Monsanto has never had any interest in finding out whether Roundup is safe,” he explained.

“Instead of investing in sound science, they invested millions in attacking science that threatened their business agenda … They took detailed notes, asked incredibly thoughtful questions and in the end, came to understand that the science shows there are serious health hazards associated with Roundup and that Monsanto did nothing to warn people about the risk.”

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