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Courts Weigh In On Sniffer Dogs At Festivals

Police will be able to confiscate the tickets of festival-goers at a Sydney event this weekend, if they're stopped by sniffer dogs.

A group, named Sniff Off, had been fighting the move, which allows officers to eject revelers; even if no drugs are found on them.

The issue was taken to the Supreme Court on Friday morning. The judge threw the case out, saying it was a "hypothetical", and no one's rights had been abused yet.

Greens MP David Shoebridge says even though they lost the injunction, police have been put on notice for the Above & Beyond at Sydney Showground on Saturday.

“Young people should not be threatened with being refused entry to events just because a drug dog has falsely indicated the person is carrying drugs," he said.

Sniff Off will be at Above and Beyond this weekend with materials, information and support.

“Anybody whose rights are infringed this weekend is urged to contact Sniff Off and my office as we prepare for Round Two."

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