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Daylight Saving... We Think Perth Is Ready

It’s that time again when the rest of the country moves forward and WA, well, doesn’t.

From this Sunday, October 7, New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, ACT and Tasmania will move their clocks forward an hour.

"So, the time difference is going to be three hours," Lise said.

"If you want to call your friend at 7pm, guess what, it's 10pm over there. Not gonna happen."

It also made business harder.

"If you're trying to ring the office in Melbourne, and you're sitting here in Perth and it's four in the afternoon," Paul began before Lise jumped in: "If it's two-thirty in the afternoon forget about it."

But remember when Perth trialled daylight saving? 

"I remember it was about 8pm and it was still light, and you were outside and it was fantastic," Lise reminisced. 

"If you finished work at 6pm, you could say well 'let's go to the beach'."

Thing is, Paul & Lise wanted to hear from people who didn't want daylight saving. 

"I want to know why people say no, I don't understand," Lise said.

Did they call? You betcha. But, of course, so did a bunch who were all for it. 

Check out the video up top.

The clocks will go back to normal in six months' time, on April 7.

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