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Dick Smith To Launch $1 Million Anti-Immigration Campaign

Australian entrepreneur Dick Smith has announced he is releasing his own version of the controversial “Grim Reaper” AIDS commercial from the 1980's.

But instead of a public health warning, Smith's commercial calls for the country's immigration intake to be dramatically scaled back.

The infamous commercial first aired in 1987, and this updated version will feature the original voice actor who this time around warns that “famine, disaster, war and collapse” could be on our horizon.

The original Grim Reaper commercial from 1987

The ad claims that:

“Our growth-addicted economic system will see our children living in a world of 11 billion people, consuming and polluting more than our finite planet can withstand,” 

“It’s a path to either more and more inequality, or famine, disaster, war and collapse. Are we that stupid?”

Mr Smith wants immigration to return to around 70,000 people a year, compared to the current average of around 210,000.

Mr Smith told news.com.au:

“It’s still very generous, but it means we would stabilise the population under 30 million people,”

“I have absolutely no doubt we’re going down the same track as America, which has over 30 million people on a minimum wage of $7.10 per hour, less than half ours. The prime reason is too many people trying to share the finite.”

“Our growth rate will take us to 101 million people by the end of this century when our grandkids will be alive,” he said.

“That’s possible but with a very large number of poor people, and they will revolt, they’ll bring out the pitchforks and revolt.

“I was in Siberia, I travelled to where the Tsar’s children were gunned down. We’re going to repeat the stupidity of previous generations.”

“If you bring in more people now, they get older and the problem is worse. You can’t solve an ageing problem by bringing more immigration, it puts it off but gives the impression the government is doing well. The working people are worse off.”

Mr Smith is spending $1 million of his own fortune to broadcast the commercial, which will launch at the Hilton Hotel in Sydney on Tuesday. 


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