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Perth’s Dine-And-Dasher Cops Two Years Eating Prison Food

Dine-and-dasher Lois Loder has been jailed for two years after ripping off restaurants, hotels, hair salons across Perth.

Loder, 45, was outed as a thief and conwoman last year over Facebook by fed up restaurant owners who exposed her as alleged regular “dine and dasher”.

Otherwise known as Lois Lynn, Louise Lang, Emma Davis, Mia Hughes, Clare Bell and Ella Bone, Loder pleaded guilty to a total of 82 offences in the Perth Magistrates Court last week.

The court had heard how she had also done a runner on nosheries in East Perth, Floreat, Scarborough, East Victoria Park and Crawley, racking up bills from $83 to $763.

It was also reported that she hoodwinked a hair salon by attempting to pay the $1180 bill with a stolen credit card, but after it declined, she told staff she’d return to square it up, but never came back.

Loder was sentenced to 24 months behind bars, and was warned by Deputy Chief Magistrate Elizabeth Woods that it was time to grow up.

“This was brazen offending, you had a plan, it was deceitful,” she said.

“The community expressed outrage at this behaviour and proprietors were expressing shock at your brazen activities.”

Her sentence was backdated to August. She’ll be eligible for parole in six months.

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