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Ex-Lovers Sentence For Melbourne Cyanide Killing

A Melbourne woman and her former lover are due to be sentenced for murdering her husband, using cyanide.

Sofia Sam, 34, and Arun Kamalasanan, 36, were in February found guilty of murdering Sam Abraham at his Epping family home in October 2015.

Mr Abraham was found dead in his pyjamas, initially thought to have suffered a heart attack before an autopsy revealed he died of cyanide poisoning and had a sedative in his system.

Sam and Kamalasanan's Supreme Court trial was told they were having an affair which motivated the murder.

"Can you hold me tight? I want to drift away in your love," prosecutor Kerri Judd QC read from one of Sam's diary entries.

"She is the best match for me - but what to do? I am sure that one day she will be mine," Kamalasanan wrote, as read by Ms Judd.

A pre-sentence hearing was later told the duo were no longer lovers.

Kamalasanan, who has spent about two years in a psychiatric facility, was also accused of faking his mental health symptoms.

The pair are due to face Justice Paul Coghlan for sentencing on Thursday.


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