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Six-Year-Old Girl Murders Younger Brother

WARNING: This story includes content that may be confronting and distressing for some.

A father has been charged after his six-year-old daughter allegedly murdered her baby brother while he was shopping.

Adrian Dreshaun middleton, 26, went shopping for clothes when he left his six-year-old daughter and one-year-old son in an air-conditioned car with snacks. 

According to police, the little girl was playing with her baby brother until he started crying. To stop him weeping, the six-year-old wrapped a seat belt around his neck. She initially thought her brother had fallen asleep but when he wouldn't wake up, she started crying. 


When their father returned to the car, he saw his daughter crying, and his son lying unresponsive with a seat belt wrapped around his neck. 

Middleton immediately called emergency services and attempted CPR until they arrived.

The boy was taken to Texas Children's Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The 26-year-old father claims he was in the store for less than 45 minutes, and regularly checked on his children through the window. Security vision of the area, however, proves that Middleton was in the store for just under two hours, and didn't check on his children at all.

An autopsy ruled that the boy died from homicide by strangulation. 

Middleton has been charged with abandoning a child and is set to face court shortly. A bond has not yet been set. 

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