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WA Filmmaker's Violent Shove By Shark Caught On Camera

The moment an Aussie filmmaker was bumped by a great white shark has been caught on camera.

Filming underwater off Lucky Bay (no pun intended) in WA’s south, Ash Gibb was suddenly knocked from behind.

I was in about five metres of water getting a great shot of this fish and I felt this massive thump from behind," he told the ABC.

"Very quickly I saw the great white shoot into the picture."

Mr Gibb said the encounter was blurred by adrenalin, but he remembered feeling detached from the moment.

"At first I was quite excited. I thought, great, this is what I came for," he said.

“The biggest thing for me was just focusing on my breathing. I didn’t want to show that I was scared.”

"I think that's sort of what got me through a lot of nerves, because it was very intense… it was a very testing situation."

He estimated the shark was 4-5 metres, a similar weight to a SUV.

- with ABC Online

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