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Five-Year-Old Boy Found Dead After Horrible Abuse

A little boy has been found dead in France after he was allegedly beaten to death by his stepfather for ‘wetting the bed.’

The five-year-old boy was discovered last night alongside a canal near his home in Aire-Sur-La-Lys, near St Omer in Northern France.

The toddler, who was only wearing pants and socks, had suffered a broken nose but his cause of death has been noted as cardiac arrest.

UK newspaper The Sun has reported that the boy’s 22-year-old mother and 30-year-old stepfather have been arrested and are being questioned over the allegations he was physically abused.

French police are working on the theory that the boy was punished by his parents for wetting the bed.

The pair called an ambulance after finding him unconscious 200 years from their home.

A police spokesman told Le Parisien: 'The investigation must determine whether the child died of cold if this is the result of a fall or a case of abuse.'

The local prosecutor, Patrick Leleu, said: 'A child of five years died in suspicious conditions as to the explanations that have been given, with a medical reason not established at this time. 

'The suspicious conditions of this death led us to put the parents in custody on suspicion of violence causing death.'

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