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Fremantle College Fight Instagram Account Shut Down

An Instagram account featuring students fighting at a Perth high school has been shut down after a string of complaints.

WAtoday reported that "freocollegefights", a private account, had published videos of fights between students at Fremantle College in Beaconsfield.

The account warned that "snitches get stitches".


A Fremantle youth worker was alerted to the page by a student at the school.

"These fights were taking place in various areas within the school," they told WAtoday.

"It seems to be to me that these young people that want fights are preying on young people they know won't fight back.

"Some of the young people getting preyed upon are screaming they don't want to fight and they even run away but the other keeps going after them.

"Either that or they just stand there and take the abuse. In the crowd, there's other young people filming it and laughing."

While the account was shut down on Thursday after numerous complaints, another has since popped up - which also requests naked pictures.


Fremantle College principal Myles Draper said the pages had been reported WA Police and Instagram.

Mr Draper also said that the school was working towards identifying not only who set the pages up, but who followed them.

Pics: WAtoday

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