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Aussie Mum Finds Deadly Snake Among Kids Toys And Just Nope

If you're not down with snakes, this story is a god damn nightmare.

One of the world's most deadly snakes has been nestled among some kids toys at a home in Queensland. Local snake catchers Tony and Brooke Harrison arrived at the property in Tallebudgera on Thursday afternoon to wrangle what they had been told by the kids' mum was a carpet python.

But when they rocked up, they were faced with the world's second-most toxic land animal: an eastern brown snake.

And this fella was a 1.7-metre-long male.


"When I got there and said 'no, that's an eastern brown' you literally seen the blood run out of [the mother's] face," Mr Harrison told Fairfax.

"She went white, her mouth went all dry. She shit herself.

"She wasn't happy. She started putting two and two together of how things could have panned out."

The snake was caught by the Harrison couple without incident.

"If she hadn't have noticed it there, and the kids went in to grab those toys, that snake wasn't there for a haircut if you know what I mean," Mr Harrison said.

He said that the snake was "on a mission" but was "stopped by that invisible barrier called glass."

"It very easily could have got messy."

Fairfax with AAP

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