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Identity Of Cruel Emu Killer Revealed

The identity of the man who filmed himself intentionally running over a flock of emus in his four-wheel-drive has been revealed.

His ex-girlfriend has told the Daily Mail the man seen laughing in the video as he mercilessly mows down the Aussie icons is Jacob Macdonald, 20, from Pinnaroo, a tiny country town in South Australia.

Mr Macdonald has since shut down his social media accounts after the distressing video began circulating online.

The video can be viewed here 

According to his ex-girlfriend, Mr Macdonald went 'off the rails' after his latest relationship breakdown.

The woman claims:

'He's the type to go hunting, he grew up that way but this is just atrocious. I was shocked and speechless... angry mostly,'

She told Daily Mail Australia that his mother is a police officer and his father is a farmer.

'His parents would be outraged by his actions,'

'They're genuinely good people.'

'I ended the relationship end of July and he kind of went off the rails a bit after that, well obviously a lot now that we have seen this.'

'Honestly he deserves everything he gets,' she added.

The maximum penalty for someone found guilty of killing native wildlife in New South Wales is $22,000 in fines and up to five years in prison.

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