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IKEA Are Launching The Most AMAZING New Service!

Sound the alarms: IKEA is launching an online shopping option!

It's like the powers that be realised that the only downside to their brand was the enormous, maze-like stores that are difficult enough to navigate at the best of times but become near-impossible to move through come school holidays and long weekends. 

And they fixed it!

Canberra's the first store to kick-off proceedings on November 30, with a 24/7 service that even includes next-day delivery.

If you're still clinging on to the thrill of the journey to IKEA, though, there's also a click-and-collect option that should streamline the whole thing and make the ordeal a tad less stressful.

"Canberra's a really good opportunity to test and try as well and learn from the market, understand how the customer experience should be where we have a store and online offering, and really see how we can support the customer best before we produce e-commerce for the rest of the country," IKEA spokesman Michael Donath said.

"In the new year we will look at other regional areas surrounding or a bit further from the ACT, so everywhere from Wagga Wagga through to places like Albury, Wodonga etc."

So now you can focus all of your energy on trying to figure out how to fit part A into part B!

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