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Internet Banking Customers Warned Over Convincing New Scam

Internet banking customers are being warned about a "convincing" new scam targeting ANZ accounts.

According to Mail Guard, the phishing email claims that the recipient's "last payment was unsuccessful" and contains a link to a "well-crafted ANZ Internet landing page".

"[Recipients] are prompted to login, so doing handing over their Customer Registration Number (CRN) and password," Mail Guard's warning reads.

"For those that continue past the Internet Banking login page, the scammers try for even more sensitive data by asking recipients to divulge the answers to three 'security questions'."


Image via NSW Police Force

If you're unsure about the veracity of an email sent to you by your bank, there are a couple of tell-tale signs to look for.

Firstly, scams like this tend not to be written very well; clear grammatical errors like the ones in this particular email should raise a red flag.

A genuine message from your bank will usually be personalised, too, and you can easily check to see if your bank account ends in the same numbers as the email claims.

The easiest way to confirm where the email is coming from, though, is to hover your mouse over the sender name. In this case, the landing page is sitting at https://djarlo.net/anz which is very obviously not a genuine Internet Banking page.

"Quick rule of thumb: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is," an ANZ spokesperson reiterated. 

"Delete the email or SMS immediately [and] contact the ANZ helpdesk."

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