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Internet Troll Avoids Jail For Harassing 'Hey Dad!' Actress

A pro-paedophilia internet troll who harassed Hey Dad! actress Sarah Monahan has been spared a jail sentence.

Luke Wallis, 34, was instead placed on a community corrections order for three years plus three months imprisonment, which he doesn’t have to serve as long as he remains of good behaviour.

He harassed Monahan online in 2016 after she laid child sex charges against actor Robert Hughes, who played her on-screen father in the 1980s and '90s hit Australian sitcom.

County Court of Victoria judge Irene Lawson on Friday convicted Wallis of using the internet to menace, harass or cause offence and transmitting child pornography.


Wallis (pictured) sent 41 Facebook posts to Ms Monahan often under the names of well-known paedophiles.  

"Each time I deleted and blocked him, he would make a new page and continue to post. He popped up with new more disgusting paedophile personas trying to speak to me," Ms Monahan had told police.

In July 2016, he made up a "vile and disturbing" child pornography story that he posted on her page in a bid to get her to react.

A month later, police found material in his home that he'd created to "stir people up, cause offence and get people riled up".

After his arrest he told police his offending wasn't "so bad, because there are no threats", the court heard.

Wallis had "a clear perception ... that [Ms Monahan] was not worthy of being regarded as a sexual victim because she had not been penetrated", prosecutor Daniel Holding told the court.

Despite having previously completed a community corrections order for the possession of child pornography, Wallis continued to tell corrections staff that "people had got it wrong in viewing children as not being the objects of sexual desire, that was a natural kind of inclination", Mr Holding told the court.

Wallis had been described as a loner with few social interactions and had been disturbed when he was unable to feel deep emotion following the death of his grandmother just before he began offending, Judge Lawson noted.

Wallis, in a desire to "feel something", was driven to offend to get "some kind of emotional engagement", she said.

He was said to be "very fond" of his cats and had little else happening in his life other than an interest in storm chasing and amateur photography, the court heard.

In 2014 Hughes was convicted of indecent assault and sexual assault for offences against four girls, including Ms Monahan, in the 1980s and sentenced to at least six years in jail.

It was Ms Monahan's revelation of the abuse in a TV interview in 2010 that led to the investigation that eventually led to Hughes’ undoing.

AAP, with Fairfax

Photo: Justin McManus

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