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Is This The Saddest Champion We Have Ever Seen At The Games?

Gymnast Ri Se-Gwang taped the leader board in the male gymnastics at the games overnight but social media was quick to highlight he wasn’t that happy.

After pulling off an impressive vault routine, the North Korean overtook Russia’s Denis Ablaze and although he initially punched the air, he looked a little dejected during the awards ceremony.

As Ri struggled to hold back tears, he stepped on the podium to sing the national anthem.

Following the win, the athlete spoke to reporters about what victory felt like, saying ‘’I was filled with joy because I thought I was able to bring a sense of victory to our leader.”

While it is possible his emotion was triggered by his incredible achievement, a number of viewers had another theory.

Some sports fan claimed that his reaction actually reflected his desperation to leave Kim Jong-un’s North Korean regime.

One twitter user said ‘’Felt so sad watching how oppressed Ri Se Gwang looked even after winning gold.”

It was North Korea’s third gold medal in their history at the games.

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