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Joondalup Shoppers Can’t Get Into Their Keyless Cars

There’s something weird going on at Lakeside Joondalup.

Some shoppers who have parked on the north side of the shopping centre, up near Chemist Warehouse and Ultra Tune, have noticed they can’t start their cars.  

Mitchell Kingston said his wife tried to get into her car using her keyless thingo, she couldn’t get in.

“She said ‘I can’t get in and there’s about five people around me with the same issue’, and I thought this was a bit bizarre,” he told Radio 6PR’s Gareth Parker on Friday.

“Even the people who had the key [to their keyless entry cars] couldn’t start [their cars] because of the immobiliser in the key and that was being blocked as well.”

Mr Kingston said he contacted the nearby Ultra Tune to see if they could help his wife… and the story got weirder.

“He’s like ‘is your wife outside Chemist Warehouse?’ and I was like ‘yeah, how do you know that?”

The mechanic then told Mr Kingston that in the last week, he’d helped about 100 people in the same 50-metre vicinity with the same issue. He said that was just him – not including the RAC.

“It’s like something is emitting a signal that’s cutting people’s connection.”

He also said that Chemist Warehouse was experiencing similar dramas with the buzzers they give customers to alert them that their prescription was ready.

“Even those are jammed and not working.”

The weirdness continued when Mr Kingston saw what was happening with his own eyes on

“I went down there yesterday to thank the guy for helping my wife and when I was there, I managed to help two people get their cars started.”

Mr Kingston said he contact Lakeside Joondalup, who told him that the matter had been handed over to police.

The advice from Mr Kingston was to park somewhere else.

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