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Jurors Seem Over Hearing About Accused's Big Smelly Penis

It seems a prison guard’s distinctive penis helped police in charging him for sexually assaulting inmates.

When the trial began, jurors were shocked to hear witnesses commenting on the shape and odour of Eugenio Perez’s phallus.

One witness had described it as uncircumcised, big and hook-like.

“It was humongous, and it curved,” the 38-year-old said.

“If it didn’t stink I would have been all over that s**t.”

Now, on the second day of his trial, it’s being reported that some jurors are visibly exasperated over hearing how huge and smelly it is.

It’s these details, however, that could be Perez’s undoing.

One former inmate told the court that he had forced her to perform oral sex on him while he was working at the Metropolitan Detention Center in 2016.

“It was so big. I wanted to throw up,” she said.

“It had a smell like he didn’t wash or take a shower … it was a really strong smell.”

Another woman, known as ‘Jane Doe 3’ was asked what Perez’s penis looked like.

“It’s big. Fat,” she said.

When asked about anything distinctive about it when he masturbated she said that when it moved forward there was “a little piece hanging off”.

During these testimonies, it was reported that a juror had pinched the bridge of her nose, rolled her eyes and placed her forehead in her other hand.

It’s unclear how long the trial will go for, but we’ll keep you posted.

New York Post 

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