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Man Steals $300 Worth Of Deodorant And We Give Up

Look, we’re all for good hygiene but we just can’t with this one.

US police are looking for a bloke who went into a shop on Monday and pinched about $300 worth of Axe deodorant (similar to many teen boy’s favourite Aussie reek, Lynx).

Police say that the man was near the razor blades before he took two shelves worth of the deodorant and put it into his bag without paying.

Even more bizarrely, he made his getaway in a waiting Hyundai Sonata. Yep, there was a separate getaway driver.


The deodorant thief was described as heavy-set, in his 30's and sporting a moustache.

He and his driver accomplice haven’t yet been caught, but the lingering scent of ‘unwashed teenager’ may just end up being their undoing.


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