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Man who made $1500 chicken sandwich back to make coffee

The slow food movement is still pretty damn popular, but this is seriously next level.

Andy George is the bloke behind "How to Make Everything" videos, and after a long hiatus, which included some personal health issues, the seriously-ultra-slow food series is back.

George gained a massive following after one of his very first uploads included making a chicken sandwich from scratch.

The thing is, his idea of "from scratch" doesn’t mean "heading down to Woolies to pick up the ingredients".

"I've been into cooking and I found myself starting to make more from-scratch meals, but they weren't really from scratch," George said at the time.

"I wanted to see how difficult it would be and how it would taste."

We’re talking not just baking the bread, but making the ingredients, including growing the wheat, to make the bread.

He wanted to produce everything locally, but discovered he couldn’t make salt in Minnesota. So he headed to the nearest ocean to collect water, boiled it for six hours and baked it to form salt.

If that sounded like a lot of mucking around, that was nothing compared to making the vegetable oil.

"I grew my own sunflowers for that, but I didn't realise how much pressure I'd need to extract the oil from the seeds and ended up building my own press," he said.

It ultimately took him six months and $1,500 to make the final product using a thorough 16-step process that required him to grow a garden, harvest wheat and kill a chicken.

After making the infamous sandwich, George used the leftover wheat to make beer before spending $1700 on making chocolate from scratch, including growing the sugar cane, and taking 10 months to produce a $4000 suit.

The latest video soon to drop will detail how to make a coffee. From scratch.

Let’s hope it tastes better than the chicken sandwich, which George lamented (with his head in his hands)  was "not bad".

"Six months of my life for not bad"

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