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Mandurah Woman Who Kicked Ambo In Face Avoids Jail

A woman who kicked an ambulance officer in the face while heavily intoxicated has avoided jail and a criminal record.

Naomi Michelle McAtackney, 19, pleaded guilty to assaulting a St John Ambulance officer in the Mandurah Magistrates Court on Friday.

On May 26, St John Ambulance paramedics were called to the Smart Street Mall about 1.45am to help a heavily intoxicated McAtackney who needed to be taken to hospital, Police prosecutor Senior Constable Mick Fallows said.

While she was on a stretcher, Sen Const Fallows said McAtackney was violent and verbally abusive towards the ambulance officer, thrashing her arms and legs about, kicking the ambo in the face.

After McAtackney was arrested on June 16, she told police she couldn’t fully remember what happened as she had been drinking since 3.30pm that day.

Duty lawyer Clare Hay said that before the incident, McAtackney had left a Mandurah nightclub to get some fresh air.

She said McAtackney was acting out of character.

McAtackney added that she was remorseful and was in the process of writing an apology letter to the ambulance officer.

She asked to be granted a spent conviction order as she hoped to get employment in child care.

While Magistrate Anne Longden said the offence was serious, she granted McAtackney a spent conviction, and an $800 fine.

Mandurah Coastal Times 

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