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Man's Massive Mistake After Spilling Gravy On Laptop

Well, this story has...a lot...to unpack. 

A man in Iowa spilled gravy on his laptop and decided to take it to his local Best Buy (electronic chain) to transfer the files to a new computer.

But when the technicians were working on the computer they discovered a number of files they believed to be child pornography. 

"During this file transfer process employees at Best Buy 'Geek Squad' observed multiple images they believed contained child pornography," the criminal complaint read.

"Once this transfer was complete both computers were collected by Des Moines police as evidence."

The man in question, Robert Watson, told the police he downloaded them because "he wanted to tell other people about them."

He has been charged with 10 counts of possession of child pornography.

Watson was arrested Tuesday and is being held in Polk County Jail on a bond of $50,000.

A Best Buy spokesperson, Paula Baldwin, said employees discover child porn on customers'  

"They don’t search for the material, but inadvertently discover it in the normal course of repairing a computer," she said.

"When we do find what appears to be child pornography, we have a legal obligation to notify law enforcement and we inform our customers of this prior to doing any work. Law enforcement determines a course of action based on the evidence, as they did in this situation."

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