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Meet The Moolies - Mums In Bali Keeping An Eye On Schoolies

Is this helicopter parenting to the extreme, or a good way to make sure kids STAY safe at schoolies?

An increasing number of parents are now accompanying their children when they go to Bali, and it's often mum's who've dubbed themselves 'Moolies'

Over 6,000 school leavers are currently in Bali for the annual end of school extravaganza and in among all the wild fun a large number of mothers have also been spotted enjoying the celebrations


One mum named Danielle told A Current Affair:

'I'm here with the other mums, we're Moolies - that's ''Mum's of Schoolies'

'We're here to make sure no one gets arrested or ends up in hospital, that's about it.'

'We're not worried about our kids doing the wrong thing, we're worried about the wrong thing happening to our kids,' Danielle said.

However, some parents appear keen to have a good time as well: 

'Show the young ones how to do it,' one woman said.

Meanwhile over 22,000 graduates have converged on the Gold Coast, with police arresting 18 school leavers on Friday and a further 18 non-schoolies.

Sixty-nine charges were made throughout the week, three more than last year.

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