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Melbourne Begins The Big Clean Up After Huge Winds

The big clean-up is underway after a severe windstorm lashed Melbourne and Victoria.

The storm claimed the life of a woman, injuring nearly a dozen others and left tens of thousands without power or stuck waiting for flights or trains.

The wild weather claimed a life just after 1 PM when a large tree was pulled out of the ground and came crashing down on a property in Millgrove, a town east of Melbourne.

A woman, who was believed to be in the 50s, was alone at the time and could not be revived, a police spokesman said.

In Healesville, a woman suffered serious injuries when she was truck in the head by a tree.

Victoria's Emergency Management Commissioner Craig Lapsley described the storm as a one in the five-year event.

"It was a dynamic environment," he said of the storm during a 4 pm press conference at the state control centre.

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