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Woman Shines The Light On The Downside To Kanye West Pop-Up

A local businesswoman has contacted Kanye West over his decision to open a store in Melbourne.

Charlotte Knightly owns a shop which was only a few doors down from where the Pablo pop-up store was located.

In a Facebook post, which she posted to a Kanye West fan page, she said that because of the 700 people standing outside the Pablo pop-up, her customers felt too intimidated to come into her store.

Ms Knightly estimated her store's losses at $6000 and is asking Yeezy for compensation.

Kanye announced he was opening stores all around the world on Thursday, before they opened on Friday through Sunday, with opening hours being 8am to 10pm.

The queues had blocked businesses in the area but it was not thought they would lose money. Ms Knightly is arguing the opposite.

The Facebook post now has over 4,000 likes and over 250 comments.

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