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Millennial Evicted By His Parents Is 'Too Busy To Get A Job'

The 30-year-old man who received international attention after refusing to leave his parents' home has spoken out about the unusual family situation.

Michael Rotondo was ordered by a judge to move out of his parents' home in Camillus, New York, after he had been staying there rent-free for almost ten years.

Speaking to DailyMail.com after the hearing, Mr Rotondo said that his problems with his parents, Mark and Christina, are centered around a custody battle over his son.

He says he lost custody of his son last year who now lives with his mother full time.

He revealed he has filed an appeal as a 'poor person' so his court fees could be waived.

Mr Rotondo claims the issue became further complicated when his parents insisted he get a job and health insurance if he was to stay living with them.

He refused, saying that his job was getting his son back.

When his parents offered to pay for his health insurance, Mr Rotondo said he couldn't take that money as it would compromise his bid to receive 'poor person' status.

He says his parents then stopped giving him food and cut off his mobile phone.

They also denied him access to the laundry machine in the house.

Mr Rotondo also revealed he was recently fired from Best Buy, and that he is suing the company for discrimination, claiming he was fired when he said he couldn't work Saturdays as that is when he has visitation with his son.

He is seeking nearly $340,000 in damages, pay and attorney's fees from the store.

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