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This Bonks Freerider Rode Down The Wall Of Mundaring Weir

You may not have heard of Kilian Bron, but local WA Police certainly have.

Last month, the French freerider posted a snap of the Mundaring Weir.

Wait, wait, let me clarify: Bron was riding down the friggen wall of the weir.

WTF, right?

It was reported that the Water Corporation had referred the matter to WA Police.

“Not only is this act illegal, it is extremely dangerous and stupid,” the spokeswoman told Community News.

“At around 40 metres, the wall is very high.

“While it is unlikely to cause any damage to the wall itself, trespassing onto the wall would be an extreme risk to personal safety.”

Forty metres may not seem that full on for a daredevil like Bron (I mean, the vid below is proof of that) but even his Facebook post contained the hashtag #huge and #steep.

Police have not commented.

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