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Murder Squad Look Into WA Police Shooting

Police are standing by a decision to open fire at a knife-wielding man in Wannanup, 83kms south of Perth after a Taser failed to stop him.

The man was fatally shot in the early hours of Sunday morning after he allegedly lunged at officers.


WA Police Acting Deputy Commissioner Paul Steel says that the officers involved acted within their training and protocols.

"Based on the information I have to date there is nothing that causes me concern," he told reporters.

"The officers appear to have acted in accordance with their training and in accordance with operational protocols."

He said the officers, an experienced male sergeant and female constable, were "holding it together".

"This is a tragic incident, not only for the deceased, not only for the family of the deceased, but for the officers who have had to make this decision and have been involved in this incident," he said.

The man, who is yet to be identified, was shot once near Rod Court, an affluent area close to the Dawesville Channel and Port Bouvard Marina, after police responded to reports of suspicious activity at about 12.20am.

Police say the man dropped the knife when ordered to but then drew another, larger knife and approached one of the officers.

"Both officers discharged their tasers but, unfortunately, their tasers were ineffective," Mr Steel said.

"The shot was fired by the officer who was directly at threat," he said.

The officers administered CPR before the man was rushed to Peel Health Campus where he later died.

The officers are expected to remain off operational duty until they were found to be physically and psychologically ready to return to work, he said.

The record from the tasers will form an important part of the investigation.

"Tasers contain a very sophisticated system that not only records the time of the discharge but actually records the duration," Mr Steel said.

It can also tell if the discharge hits a body or item of clothing.


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