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Scarborough Pool Swim Classes Shut Down Over Noise Complaint

It was only a matter of time.

It’s been reported that some swimming classes at the new Scarborough Beach Pool have already been shut down due to a noise complaint.

The facility has only been open for about two weeks.

WAtoday reported that a resident lodged the complaint with the City of Stirling about the noise coming from the pool, which has since led to the cancellation of their 5.30am swim classes.

Caller Sonja told 6PR’s Breakfast program that while she was checking out a swim class about 8am, she saw a woman yelling through a megaphone from the top floor of the apartment complex across the road.

“[she yelled] please turn the music down!” Sonja said.

"She kept repeating it and we were laughing our heads off."

A short time later, Sonja said that she and her friend learned from an instructor that a 6am aerobics class had already been cancelled that morning.

"It was not that loud," she told 6PR.

The pool is roughly 500 metres from the nearest residential property.

The City previously warned that, given its purpose, there would be some noise from the pool. The maximum noise level during the day is currently 71dB.

Full story at WAtoday

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