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NZ Nanny Fakes Pregnancy, Kidnaps Newborn

A nanny who faked a pregnancy before kidnapping a newborn she was caring for has been jailed for three years in New Zealand.

Nadene Manukau-Togiavalu had been working as a nanny for a family in the up-market Auckland suburb of Epsom for three days when their 11-day-old girl was taken from their home in August last year.

On Tuesday, she was handed a prison sentence in the Auckland District Court after admitting to kidnapping, burglary and other related offences, local media report.

The court heard that in the months before the snatching, the 21-year-old had told family and friends she was pregnant, going as far as holding a baby shower and wearing a fake belly.


After taking the nannying job she convinced her 18-year-old cousin, Sydnee Shaunna Toulapapa, that she had given her baby up for adoption and was now trying to get it back.

Camera footage later showed a balaclava-clad Toulapapa entering the home and leaving with the newborn.

The child was found safe later in the day after a large-scale search by about 80 police officers.

The baby's mother - who cannot be named - in court described it as the worst seven hours of her life.

Toulapapa pleaded guilty to her part in the kidnapping and was discharged without conviction in April, her lawyers describing her as gullible.


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