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People OUTRAGED Over Picture Of Cop On Phone While Driving

People on social media have been left outraged after a photo of a police officer speaking on a mobile phone while driving was posted to Facebook.

The picture showed a female NSW officer behind the wheel of a police vehicle while holding a mobile phone to her ear.

It was posted to Facebook on Tuesday afternoon with a caption reading, “Umm yeah just going to leave this one. One rule for them, one rule for everyone else.”


Many people thought that the photo demonstrated something illegal and completely unfair because if any regular driver was spotted on their phone while driving they would be pulled over, issued with a fine and have demerit points taken from their license.

But as it turns out, it’s not actually illegal for officers to use phones while driving and a NSW police spokesperson has said that the female officer did nothing wrong.

“It’s legal,” said the spokesperson. “Police and all emergency services are exempt from that road rule.”

According to Road Rules 2014 Legislation by the NSW government it is illegal for drivers to use their mobile phones while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle or while the car is stationary but not parked.

The only time drivers are able to use their phones is is they are making or receiving a call or playing audio through a Bluetooth function or while the phone is inside a fixed mount.

However, the legislation also states that emergency vehicles are exempt from these laws and are able to use mobile phones at any time.

What do you think? Do you think it’s okay for police officers to be exempt from the mobile phone laws or do you think the laws should be enforced for everyone?

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