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Perth Children's Hospital: Contractor Drops a BOMBSHELL

Water that is being supplied to the $1.2 billion Perth Children’s Hospital at times has contained lead, the major contractor has claimed.

John Holland's PCH project manager Lindsay Albonico, who has previously been prevented from giving interviews by government contracts, was granted permission to front the media on Wednesday.

 “We have end-to-end tested all the components inside the Perth Children’s Hospital that come into contact with the drinking water,” Mr Albonico (pictured below) told Radio 6PR.


Research done through laboratories found that none of the components installed as part of the hospital - pipes, fittings or anything that encounters the drinking water - produced evidence that they were sources of lead, he said.

So where is the lead coming from?

Mr Albonico said that they expanded the search for a lead source, one of them involved the delivery of water to the hospital.

They found that, on the occasions this water was tested, it had already contained lead.

“…the lab results [show] that there is lead, at times, in the water that’s being delivered to the hospital.”

Department of Health director general David Russell-Weisz, however, said the drinking water at QEII was unquestionably safe.

He had "no reason not to have confidence" in John Holland's claims but the suggestion that lead could be coming from them remained.

"We have consistent testing that the lead levels in the potable water at the PCH site are higher than the guidelines," he said.

"We see this issue very clearly as a PCH building issue.

"John Holland are responsible with providing us with safe drinking water ... we will hold them accountable."

The government has been provided with John Holland’s testing results.

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