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Perth Man Sentenced Over Dog Death In Hot Car

A 43-year-old Perth man has been sentenced after pleading guilty to animal cruelty over his dog's death in a hot car.

Bully, a bull mastiff, was left inside the car in Balga about midday on January 17, when the outside temperature ranged from 23.6C to 26.2C, while the relative humidity was as high as 93 per cent.

Michael Raymond Muccilli was sentenced in Perth Magistrates Court on Monday to a 10-month community-based order with program and supervision requirements, and an additional 100 hours of community service.

"Bully's case demonstrates that even on cooler, overcast days, it is very dangerous to leave your dog unattended in a parked car," RSPCA WA chief inspector Amanda Swift said.

"Dogs cannot regulate their body temperature like humans can, and the temperature inside a parked car can quickly climb to 20 degrees or more than the outside temperature."

The homeless man was living in his car after a personal tragedy and was organising accommodation at the time.

Muccilli gave a tearful apology after losing his loyal friend.

"You can still be guilty of an offence even if you love your dog and think you're doing the right thing," Ms Swift said.

Muccilli was also ordered to pay legal costs of $1383.


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