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Rayney Calls For Fresh Investigation Into Wife’s Murder

More than a decade after the murder of Corryn Rayney, her falsely-accused barrister husband Lloyd Rayney is calling for a fresh investigation to find her killer.

Mr Rayney, once named the “prime and only” suspect, was later acquitted of her murder following a lengthy trial in the WA Supreme Court.

Corryn Rayney, 44, was last seen on August 7, 2007, after leaving a boot-scooting dance class at the Bentley Community Centre in Perth at 9.30pm.


“We thought she'd gone to work early,” Mr Rayney told 60 Minutes.

“There was no reason to believe anything had happened.”

He said he became immediately concerned when he got a call saying she hadn’t turned up to work.  

“I knew straight away that something was wrong,” he said.

Her car was found eight days later, a few kilometres from the Rayney home.

A trail created by leaking oil from the car’s damaged sump led police to Kings Park, where they found Corryn’s buried body.


“I remember saying out loud, who could kill someone and bury them in a grave in the middle of King's Park, like they're a dog?” Mr Rayney said.

He told 60 Minutes he questioned the WA Police’s handling of evidence and leads. The report also outlined claims that police planted evidence, including a seed pod found in Mrs Rayney’s body bag.


The show also featured forensic specialist Robin Napper, who said there were two other suspects - Ivan Eades and Allon Mitchell Lacco ­– who were linked by evidence near the Rayney property, but neither had been properly investigated.

Mr Napper said evidence placed both of them near the Rayney house on the day Mrs Rayney disappeared.

“To investigate me alone to the exclusion of others, that's completely wrong,” Mr Rayney told reporter Tara Brown.

“There's a person or people walking around who've literally got away with murder.”

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