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Perth Weather: Australia Day Long Weekend Forecast

Perth’s weather is acting like a hot-and-cold boyfriend and, frankly, we want to break up with it.

After a sweaty mess of a weekend which saw the mercury soar to 42 degrees, I dunno about you guys, but I considered a light cardigan on Tuesday morning.

Anyway, here’s what’s expected for this Australia Day long weekend, and let’s just say that, like a lot of things, it gets worse before it gets better.

And it does get better. 

WAY better.

The rest of Tuesday

Max 28

Late shower, chance of a shower this evening.


Max 22

Showers and windy… we’re talking an 80% chance of rain (WTFFFF)


Max 23

Shower or two clearing. There’s still a 40% chance of rain.


Max 26

Sunny. Finally.


Max 29

Sunny. (See? Told you it gets better)


Max 32


    Max 33

      Bureau of Meteorology 


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